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We Make Your Recruitment & Resource Onboarding Faster.
We serve local, domestic, regional, and global clients.
We help you in transition towards Web 3.0 Technologies.
We help you achieve Digitization- Advertisement- Monetization of information.
We work with mission to help you achieve result in record pace.
We Make Your Digital Presence & Transition Seamless & Sustainable.
We help consumers and brands to walk on Digital Bridge.
We help in deeper digital adoption & Usage Insight.
We will help you drive digital innovation.
We help you to acquire millions of mobile users.
We help you to connect to get introduced with Investors.
We help you to simplify your financial processes.
We help you hire contractual financial professionals.
Digital Marketing

We create disruptive digital marketing implementation as the primary business unit. The second business unit focuses on consulting services that cover multiple activities. The third business unit focuses on Recruitment and Placement in Information Technology.  One of the key advantages of working with an IT staffing agency like DigitalXNode is access to a vast pool of IT talent. The fourth business unit focuses on the Financial Services domain. We correlated all four segments to cover the business ecosystem of 7C’s such as consumer, content, context, communications, collaboration, commerce, and compliances. We offer services to consumers, prosumers, Enterprises, and Governments covering global geographies.

We believe and follow 3C’s with respect to project delivery such as Commitment, Conviction, and Communications to offer “Delivery with Differentiation”.

We recognize and understand the prevailing industry challenges and hence define our process in such a way that makes us capable of identifying potential challenges and the mechanism to convert challenges into opportunities. Digital transformation is primarily focused on branding, awareness, profiling, and positioning of content to acquire quality consumer to enterprise customers. To achieve the same; problem-based solution design is mandatory to implement to mitigate any showstopper.

For us delivery of the project is paramount, but we make ourselves different from others by offering “Create Once & Replicate in Multiple Form” to improve revenue recognition, return on investment and reduce the total cost of acquisition or ownership.


We help you to “Digitize, Advertise, Monetize”
Your Digital Assets

Our 7C’s Process Implementation:

Requirement Capture

We capture your requirement in customized form to map it with the proposed solution. The requirement capture section consists of the project goal, potential customer segment, usages segment, probable technology choice, preferences on connected devices, probable price point, regulatory or policies framework, security (must have and preferences), etc.


We execute extensive research on usages, adoption patterns, competitors, risk, and change analysis to integrate the findings with customer requirements to categorize requirements in multiple buckets

Problem Statement

Based on the above activities’ execution, we define the problem statement to define the challenges bucketing.  To mitigate the showstoppers during the definition of solutions, it is important to correlate the probable problem statements.

Regulatory Impact Analysis

The rise in connected devices and widespread usage of digital content brought multiple regulatory frameworks and policies to the ecosystem. We identify the applicable regulation and analyze its impact on service and business logic. It helps to mitigate any regulator threats or potential non-compliance

Solution Designing

We propose a tiered and consolidated solution design with step forward strategy to implement the solution. None of the solutions carry any value with defined Key Performance Metrics to achieve the defined goal under the requirement document. Every follow that process.

Strategic collaboration

Being a digital marketing-centric company, close collaboration with DSP and SSP is mandatory to choose the digital assets based on the consumer or prosumer preference under the requirement document. Digital marketing results are based on the traffic type and filtrations of traffic are our expertise. As we possess multiple private or shared digital assets and map the implementation based on the requirements

Solution Implementation

The solution implementation gets integrated with multiple tools to monitor traffic quality, defined QoS, QoE, fraud mitigation, etc. We continuously optimize the traffic modeling to ensure having traffic that gives the best return on investment

Monitoring, Analytics & Reporting

We offer complete transparency by offering monitoring and analytics assessment followed by a complete report on implementation and acceptance results. We follow five gate process of solution implementation and this section act as 5th toll gate

Recruitment & Placement Segment:

DigitalXNode is a leading IT staffing agency that offers comprehensive solutions for businesses seeking top IT talent. As a full-service IT staffing agency, DigitalXNode has the expertise and resources to deliver high-quality IT professionals to organizations of all sizes. We consider recruitment and placement as the core of our offerings. Most companies these days are struggling to identify talented resources with a long-term vision to stay with the organization. The challenge of the industry is retention as resources tend to move for a small hike.

Given the dynamic economic environment, it’s important to reflect on the following during the hiring process and those are as such but not limited to that

  • The trend of the industry and how organizations can offer long-term stability
  • Knowledge growth probability
  • The work and personal life balance
  • Organizational support during tough times or natural or biological calamities (if any).
  • Organization’s history of giving professionals the to lead the business
  • The open approach in accepting recommendations and implementing the same

DigitalXNode is an IT staffing firm that specializes in providing businesses with top-quality IT professionals. As an IT staffing firm, DigitalXNode provides businesses with a range of IT professionals, including software developers, project managers, business analysts, quality assurance specialists, and other IT professionals. Being from the technology domain, the highly experienced recruitment team analyzes candidates on their attitude, and approach towards their commitment and accordingly filters the profiles.

IT staffing companies like DigitalXNode have a wide range of candidates with different skills and experiences, which allows them to find the perfect candidate for each role. Additionally, IT staffing agencies can provide flexible staffing solutions to their clients, including temporary staffing, contract-to-hire, and direct placement. We offer both permanent and contractual resources across technologies. We also have more than 50 partners on our panel with expertise in technology. Being the Top IT staffing agency, we can facilitate the resources in flat 24 hours (contractual) whereas in 72 hours for permanent resourcing. 

If you’re looking for an IT staffing agency that can help you find the right IT talent for your business, look no further than DigitalXNode. As a leading IT staffing company, we have the expertise, experience, and network to find the perfect candidate for each role. Trust DigitalXNode to be your go-to IT staffing agency for all your talent needs.

Financial Services:

The financial service business unit offers its consultancy to consumers, prosumers, and enterprises. Indian taxation and financial compliances are considered red tape but we make it simple for you. The home of multiple opportunities for corporates, we offer international companies our “COME & GROW IN INDIA” services which include end-to-end setup of your organization coupled with resourcing also.

For individuals in India, we offer direct taxation, growth investment, HNI investment opportunity consultancy


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