DigitalXnode offers focused and precise recruitment services for professionals at all levels in IT, Telecom & Finance sectors. We offer Clients with potential employees having Commitment, Communication and Conviction in their Knowledge, Problem Solving Skills, Cross Functional Management and many other assessment parameter to ensure best fit for the proposed profile

DigitalXnode unique differentiation is “NOTHING BUT” experienced Industry Veterans in IT, Telecom and Finance sector who act as RECRUITERS and are heavily involved during the screening of best suited potential candidate for you.

DigitalXnode Unique KAP mechanism enables Job Seeker to submit the resume for professional carrier in few minutes. Recruiters acts as team member and enables Companies / Employer to use different integrated services offered by DigitalXnode to reduce the hiring time frame

DigitalXnode recruiters uses Industry experience to quickly map Job Description with Job Seekers Profile while adhering to KAP Processes to reduces any delay or misfires in Joining Time.

ResumeBell offers Full-Time/Permanent, Part-Time (Temporary), Contract position based Job Opportunities to Job Seekers across Indian and International Geographies.

The add-on benefits of choosing us is not limited to only recruitment but is coupled with multiple services of DigitalXnode which makes ResumeBell a perfect “Digital Transition with ease of Knowledge Transfer”.



We are a team of skilled and experienced professionals. Our leaders carry 25+ valuable industry experiences in IT and Telecom. Our Finance leader has 15+ experiences. Our recruitment consultants are experts in the respective domains and thus we ensure that they understand your requirements and provide you the best manpower. Our team has collective Domain expertise of more than 200 years


We are very much part of you and are concerned about your progress. We do not limit our relationship to once you get a suitable employee or you are aptly placed but we believe in having long lasting relationship with you.  We consider ourselves as your extensions, and we stay in touch with both employers and employees to ensure a long term successful alliance happens between both.


We value your time and our time. We work on the principle of providing time bound quality service. We do the screening before connecting you to your perspective employer or employee. Our process is faster and effective. We save you from searching the database, calling candidates, explaining job descriptions and scheduling interviews. We do the recruitment process and follow ups on your behalf with minimum iteration.


We have one of the most wide spread candidate databases. Prior to registration, all jobseekers are screened and interviewed by our expert executive search team member of same respective domain. Our executive search team correlates your requirement with most suitable candidate skillset coordinates.


  • Identification & Filtration of Resources on the basis of Communications, Commitment and Conviction

  • Second level Filtration on the basis of Attitude, Approach & Adoption 

  • Third Level Filtration on the basis of Availability & Flexibility

  • Fourth Level Filtration on the basis of Skills, Education & CTC

  • Fifth Level filtration in case resource possess offers, recently switched Profile

  • Filtration of greedy resource

  • Relocation of good resource at lower cost with competent skills against the available resource in open position location in consideration

  • Implemented processes to understand the requirements followed by detailed proposition offering to resources

  • Interview panel initiated resource resume screening, interaction to validate “SKILLS & EDUCATION’S”.

  • Submit only most suitable profile against job description & other guidelines


  • Improved Turnaround with 86.8% success

  • Improved resource quality

  • Reduced risk on project disruption due to planned joining date

  • Lower TCO

  • Probability of higher retention

  • Higher Accountability and Responsibility on Resource Servicing Firm against charged compensation

  • Highly skilled and validated resources reduces training time


One of DigitalXnode customer faced sudden requirement of Java Architect whereas
Customer focus is on Microsoft Technology. Customer had no experience and internal resources to execute the interview process.
On getting the assignment, DigitalXnode swing into action using its KAP processes. Identified 32 resources and executed six steps filtration process. Shortlisted 8 potential resources and conducted interview. Finalized 3 resources with its recommendations and arranged Face to Face interaction with management. Our mantra was to convince selected resources to join company by giving them an insight potential growth and benefits. DigitalXnode help customers to negotiate compensation package under defined Industry benchmark. Helped resources to relocate to Delhi and getting the resource induction successfully. We believe in Disruption Vs Traditional Approach Adoption