Digital Marketing Industry Future at Risk

Digital marketing is considered a must-have business activity by all companies irrespective of their size these days. The exponential growth of connected devices, digital assets, and high-speed networks helped the digital industry the most. But it doesn’t mean that the digital marketing future is safe for the industry.

Most of companies rushed to opt for digital transformation and capture digital identity to promote their product or services. The digital content flow across the industrial section and its adoption by end users promoted mobility applications and games revolution in the early 2010 to 2013 era and it is expected to continue in the near foreseeable future.

The rise in mobility app adoption being pushed by digital assets companies and its associated affiliated companies helped app developers to monetize the inventory effectively, the challenge of user acquisition and its subsequent retention challenges moved the digital marketing segment from the acquisition model to the transaction model.

The rise in bogus buyers, bots, malware, adware, and phishing turned the High RoI digital marketing into risk-centric activities which may impact the brand of the companies. In the recent past one of the leading video, platforms experienced the brunt of the advertiser’s anger when the platform ran a campaign of leading branding with hate speech, and gender-sensitive content.

The innovation in digital marketing is growing but the exponential rise in security threats is posing danger to investment return, even though advertisers are opting for exchanges and networks with repute but cannot control the end publishers wherein the advertisements are running. That is the reason that the concept of Metaverse is being considered by organizations as an environment to preserve one’s reputation with a stable return on investment.

In my opinion, the loss of users, revenue, and investment by advertisers may lead to a situation wherein advertisers will choose another model of reaching out to a potential user base.

 I foresee a major risk to the digital marketing future even though it’s growing on a daily basis and the industry is waiting for technology for a better way to reach out to end users which is in the making.

Wake up and gear up before it’s too late.

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