• Devendra Prasad

LinkedIn - The Powerhouse of Professional Network Needs to Refine Rule - Why?

LinkedIn being considered as "THE DESTINATION" for global professional and business communities. The exponential growth of LinkedIn in the last 5 years in terms of User, DAU and MAU makes it the undisputed leader of Professional Social Media & Networking. As per published reports by www.statista.com; more than 722 million registered users of LinkedIn with DAU and MAU runs around 17.1% and 54% respectively which can be termed as good given the usage factor of the Internet world.

In my point of view, The higher retention and returns from per user is only and only possible in an environment when the response rate of networked professionals are higher. I have observed few pointers which we call it causal or ignorant user base which is nothing but spot on white board and such activities are as follows:

1. Publishing status are not verified and user is not bothered to update it on timely basis

2. Many Jobseekers change their status as Jobseeker and not being active on LinkedIn for months . Based on Jobseeker status, employers tries to reach out to Jobseekers with near to zero response rate and it impact Employers performance and revenue loss.

3. Once Professional convert their status to Jobseekers then they should be liable to make their contact number as well as email address visible as it will help Employers to reach out to Jobseekers

4. Networking is nothing but responsive nature of one or another wherein the general approach of many of users are non- responsive in nature.

5. It's recommendable that LinkedIn should highlight user last login information coupled with activities, response % on pro-rata basis.

6. Validation check on profile w.r.t hiring or jobseekers are important to make platform more interactive.

7. The rule book of content publishing is very important to be true networking platform

We thought of raising these points as we observed above mentioned pointers during our activities on LinkedIn and really impacted team performance.

We at www.digitalxnode.com are bunch of people who believe in highlighting the identified improvement area which may turn out to be goldmine for broader communities to enhance their productivity. We heavily rely on LinkedIn for out Professional activities and commitment and thought of highlighting it when we recognized the prevailing non-responsive behavioral pattern. At the same time, we truly appreciate LinkedIn processes to implement Data Privacy and Protection.

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