• Devendra Prasad

Digital Advertisement and Marketing Disruption Unavoidable in 2021

The Digital Advertising and Marketing is termed all weather business in a harsh economic environment and even though got the lowest possible impact during COVID-19 pandemic. The Digital Transformation drive by almost all companies to social media user active presence across different digital verticals converted Digital Assets as the best destination for Digital Advertising and Marketing. The phenomenal insight of consumer or prosumer or Enterprise behavioral patterns help companies to define or refine their targeted messages as convert users into revenue generative user base.

During the monetization of Digital Assets, many companies used the acquired user information and traded it directly or indirectly and henceforth violated the privacy of End users at the same time the frowziness of monetization also attracted hacker attention and millions of user data information being hacked.

In order to control user information without user consent, more than 100 countries came out with their own data protection and privacy guidelines and GDPR, California Privacy Act, Singapore Privacy Act are some of the dominant and being monitored very closely by regulators which impacted the utilization of Digital Assets in such geographies.

The big Digital Assets companies which include transit platform, Search Engine, E-Commerce, Content Creators started monetizing it in the pretext of must have activities requirements to process the information. EU latest proposed bill on Data Marketing Act (DMA) and Data Service Act ( DSA) are under consideration and will be converted into law in 2021 on the basis of regulators' urgency to implement the same. It will put big Digital product, Service and Platform companies liable for the vulnerability around user information security as well as misuse.

The moment DMA and DSA will come into force; many Digital Advertising and Marketing companies will be out of European market due to stringent implementation, monitoring etc.

We at DigitalXnode consider it as an opportunity for innovative companies and would be willing to collaborate with companies across different geographies.

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