• Devendra Prasad

Interview Skills - The Balancing Act

This article is dedicated for professionals starting their professional journey or students going for higher studies or less than 5 years experience holder professionals. I am into Industries and experienced more than 4 recession in the last 25 years.

During tough time when economic activities are slower and coupled will low number of opening then ones success depends on few factors. Those factors are One's Skillset, Resume with clear depiction of skills and strength, Presentation Skillset and Interview Skillset. Today we will discuss few skillset attached with Going for Interview and what one should be careful off.

We recommend the followings:

1. Do proper research of Company and its offerings?

2. The collaborations, new innovations, management vision, recent news, company strength, company competitors,

3. The impact of Technology, Geographies, Competitors on Ongoing Product, Probable Product of Company

4. If company is equity market listed then do read their balance sheet with revenue, revenue growth QoQ /YoY, EBITA, EBIT, Share Price, Market Capitalizations whereas in case company is not listed but funded by PE fund then do capture all information about funding round, management and investor vision.

5. Never be late on Interview and don't try to be cosmetic in nature. Be natural irrespective of your background.

6. On Dress Codes, I believe; all of you know very well how to dress but would like to highlight that your shoes must be properly polished and never go for Interview in Sport Shoes.

On the basis of very few inputs, we recommend that Interview is not a process wherein Job Seekers should treat themselves at the receiving end but make sure that you make it a common communication wherein both side put forth their view points. Prepare your queries for interviewer post doing your analysis and please put extra focus on Company Growth, Collaboration, Clients, Recent Contract Win, The team background, your profile, and working environment.

We consider Employer and Job Seeker relationship as Cat and Mouse Relationship wherein both side hide many things and only depict the positives. If one want to win over the other side; do accept your weakness honestly coupled with the process you have implemented to improve upon it.

It will showcase your learning approach and attitude.

In case you need more information and grooming; please feel free to connect with us at dp@digitalxnode.com or call us at +91-9818682660

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