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Resume - The Foundation of Jobseekers Success

The growing competitive environment to grab good professional opportunities makes Resume Creation the most important block of Success. The professionals with different experience zones find it very difficult to articulate their resume which gives a clear picture of their skills, approach, attitude, communications and conviction towards their professional career.

This brings to few pointer queries by all which is not limited but the followings:

1.What should be the sequence of resume format?

2.How to write the purpose of Professional Career?

3.How to depict a work profile with different organizations which offer differentiation with skill set to resume screening software or HR professional?

4.How to articulate multiple Job hopping into Job Seekers Opportunities?

5.How to hide Professional Career Gap?

6.How to present the constant learning skills into Job Seekers Advantage

7.The punch pointers which attract Employers or Resume Reviewer eyes?

DigitalXnode recommendations are the followings to Job Seekers to Create differentiated Resume:

1. Resume should be short instead of multiple pages. Try to keep it in two pages irrespective of your years of experience

2. Highlight what you did in Organization?

3. How did your work benefit the Organization and ensure that you quantify the same by giving numbers?

4. How has your work improved the process, procedure, performance of the company and again quantify the same?

5. your resume should be more than 28 bullet points and ensure that you explain your work profile with respect to each company you worked for in 3 pointers.

6. User Keywords

7. Never user terminology like "I", "Me"

8. Highlight your skills, certifications, Educations, awards, in tabular form so that it become eye catching

9. DON'T TRY to manipulate your resume and be honest about your professional gap.

Try out the above recommendations. In case you want to take Professional and paid guidance from DigitalXnode Trained Professional then do drop your queries to dp@digitalxnode.com or call us at +91-9818682660

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