• Devendra Prasad

Lead Generation - The Best Business Opportunity for Curative Professionals

The globalization of the economy through digital enablement turned every user of gold into a gold mine. The global companies approach to reach out to B2B, B2C customers through digital medium additionally to increase awareness, new business opportunities and collaboration turned Digital Assets into Customer mining centre.

In the last one year, we are observing a transition of affiliate marketing, digital marketing companies moving towards Lead generation companies too. Lead Generation business can be started with anyone having a very strong understanding of Social, Professional, Economical ,Seasonal, User Patterns , User Adoption Trends. In Nutshell if you are an active member of social and professional media then you can initiate your own Startup in Lead Generations .

There are few basic steps for Lead Generation before you go deeper into it and those are as such:

1 Identify your customer segment, Industry

2 Identify Customers user base source point

3 Make an effective message of proposed services and its benefits.

4 Try to put the quantification information in message

5 Identify influences from particular segment

6 Identify groups, communities, Digital Assets from the zeroed in segment

7 Send across to identified one to explore the opportunity to get a traction among the potential customer base

8 Educate them about your product and service through qualification and quantification.

9 Steer the decision process toward your favor.

10 You should be very clear in your communication and be very patient.

11 Please ensure that you keep on refining your content and keep rendering it to potential customer base for continuous information feed.

Please ensure to give a few references of your successful product and service delivery as it helps you to convert potential customers from tentative to confirmed mode .

In case you are interested to experience real time training or start your startup, you may reach out to at dp@digitalxnode.com or Whatsapp us at +91-9818682660

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