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The recent global Technology buzzword is “Metaverse” which offers a digital presence to individuals, enterprises, and the government. The US-based organization Meta came up with the concept of Metaverse and betting on the Technology domain to shore up its competitive technology edge. In layman’s terms, it’s a digital avatar wherein you can live your life virtually.

Isn’t it weird when more than 2 billion of the global population are reeling under poverty or hunger?


Is it a technology evolution wherein the metaverse environment consists of technology pieces such as Blockchain, AR/VR/ AI/ML?

The technology ecosystem is exciting, and all the latest technologies being used and expertise in those may bring new opportunities for service providers to individuals.

The technology domain used in Metaverse is niche and demands are very high. Even the global market size of the gaming domain is more than $250 Bn and most of them are going towards AR/VR domain too. As we write, blockchain technology is getting deployed across the globe and most governments are using blockchain in their social awareness, welfare, healthcare, financials, social security, energy grid, and others.

Most recently, more than 27 companies which include the veterans like Microsoft, Nvidia, Sony, and others joined hands to develop the standardization of Metaverse. It’s the first indication of potential revolution on the cards.

Metaverse domain shall be observing multiple innovations in the field of payment solutions, security, regulatory policies, collaboration tools, etc.

Based on the forest-level view, Metaverse shows more potential in brand promotion and awareness, product support solutions, etc., and may take the pie from the digital marketing domain

At the same, in my opinion, the market size of Metaverse being published by leading research firms or companies is overstated. If you google “Metaverse market size” then you will find companies claiming that Metaverse will have many billions to trillions of dollars. The reality is something different. The domain posse’s opportunity and technology are still in the nascent stage of the evolution process. Being supported by leading and influencing global firms; it is evident that they will not leave any stone unturned to get the technology accepted by multiple industrial sections and domain

Hence it’s recommended that professionals may choose specialized courses in one of the technologies of the metaverse environment to be in the demand.

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